Kitesurfing courses

The very shallow waters, that you'll find in many locations in Limfjorden, make this fjord ideal for our kitesurfing school. We normally teach at Østløs or Krik, which are located a half an hour from the shop in Klitmøller. Kitesurfing is recommended for people who prefer adrenaline activating sports, because you get to jump high in the air and reach very high speeds. This is a quick-learning sport! Call and book a course to get going. The kitesurfing school only teaches people of over 50kg or 110lbs.
Video from our kitesurfing school
Kitesurfing is for adrenaline junkies!
We offer both beginners' and advanced courses
We normally teach in Østløs or Krik, which are located half an hour from the shop in Klitmøller.
Fun for the whole family
The kitesurfing courses are held in groups of max 4 participants (every 2 participants share a kite and board) under the professional supervision of certified instructors. At the kitesurfing school we use the most up-to-date kites from North Kiteboarding. These are equipped with the latest safety systems in the market. Please note that the kitesurfing school is not responsible for the fact that not everybody learns equally fast. 

All you need to bring to the kitesurfing course is a swim suit, towel, food and drinks, and warm clothes - we'll be at it all day.

Kite Course 1 day

(1 day)

A high intensity course which is held in one day from 10 am to 6 pm.

You’ll go through level 1 to 3. Perfect for those who have the energy for it and don’t have
several days to learn.

This course demands perfect conditions.

Theory, Module 1

( 2 hours – 1 day )

The beginners' course is divided into modules, which gives the participants the chance to be flexible with their courses and enable them to take the kitesurfing course across several weeks. These courses are often held in English. 

Level 1 - Theory 

Here you'll learn the basic theory necessary for venturing into the water. We focus on equipment, rigging, and the latest development in materials and safety in kitesurfing.  
(N.b. Level 1 is obligatory to taking the subsequent levels)



Kite Control, Module 2

( 3 hours – 1 day )

Immediately after rigging you're set loose across the water. Here, we focus on kite control, safety procedures, relaunch, and bodydrag. 
WestWind's suits and equipment will be at your disposal*.


Kite Control + Board, Module 3

( 3 hours - 1 day )

As soon as you master your kite, you'll get the chance of trying out a board. You'll learn to waterstart and should be able to sail your first few meters. Westwind's suits and equipment will be at your disposal*.


Kite + Board, Module 4

( 3 hours – 1 day )

This lesson is primarily about board work. You'll learn trimming and how to steer the board, practice transition and more. Westwind's suits and equipment will be at your disposal*.


Complete Beginners’ Course, Modules 1-4

3 consecutive days (11 hours total)

This course includes all 4 levels, distributed across 3 intensive course days.
This will give the participants the opportunity to save money and learn the sport quickly. 

The price of the course is subsequently refundable if you buy a complete set of kitesurfing gear in our shop. 

After this course you'll be able to continue on your own. In case of lacking winds, we focus on the following: 

Wind and spot guide.
Theory preparation for VDWS license.
Guidance on which equipment is best suited for you.
Reparation and maintenance of your kite.
Flying a stunt kite.
Sailing in a light breeze on a large board. 
Please note that WestWind is not responsible for everyone not learning kitesurfing at the same pace. 
This course is held at fixed times. 

Westwind's equipment, suits, trapeze, and safety gear will be at your disposal. 
Max. 4 participants on the water per instructor, max. 2 participants per kite. 

You'll save DKK 845,-

Because LEVEL2 – 4 are very dependent on the weather, these days will not be fixed and we can therefore not guarantee that the course will take place on the day you decided on.
Mere om vejr


Friday 27 November - 2020

04-06 7°C 5.5 m/s NW
06-12 7°C 4.6 m/s NW
12-18 8°C 3.1 m/s NW
18-00 4°C 2.1 m/s SSE

Saturday 28 November - 2020

00-06 2°C 2.7 m/s SSE
06-12 1°C 4.7 m/s SE
12-18 3°C 4.4 m/s SE
18-00 3°C 1.6 m/s ESE

Sunday 29 November - 2020

00-06 2°C 1.7 m/s S
07-13 2°C 2.6 m/s SSW
13-19 3°C 1.9 m/s WNW
19-01 4°C 1.6 m/s SSE

Monday 30 November - 2020

01-07 5°C 4.1 m/s SSE
07-13 7°C 5.1 m/s WSW
13-19 9°C 7.6 m/s WSW
19-01 9°C 5.7 m/s WNW

Tuesday 1 December - 2020

01-07 8°C 11.5 m/s WNW
07-13 8°C 7.7 m/s NW
13-19 8°C 6.5 m/s NNE
19-01 7°C 3.6 m/s NE
Weather forecast from, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK