Terms and conditions for renting your gear with us

  • The rental agreement begins/ends as soon as you receive/hand in rental the rented gear. 
  • With 3 hour rentals, the agreement applies to consecutive hours. 
  • With 10 hour flex rentals, every hour counts (a 10 min overtime results in you being charged of a full hour more). 
  • With a 3 hour rental, we charge you ½ x 3 hours more, in case of a 15 min overtime.
  • In case of damaged sails, we will charge you a minimum of DKK 750,-.
  • In case of a damaged board, we will charge you a minimum of DKK 300,-.
  • In case of a damaged/broken mast we will charge you a minimum of DKK 750,-
  • Rental payments are non-refundable. 
  • We can not be held responsible for weather conditions. We reserve the right to not lease out gear at wind speeds of 14 meters per second or more. 
  • Rented gear must be returned to the place where you rented it. 
  • Bars and rigging must be cleaned rolled up in a satisfactory manner. The kite must be clean and packed up in dry condition. When these things have not been done before you return your gear, we will charge you an extra fee of DKK 150,-
  • Damages to kites will be dealt with according to the Kite Reparation Club’s prices. If the kite can not be repaired, you will be charged the full purchase price of the kite you rented. 
  • You must wear protective gear and a CE approved life vest according to Danish law. 
  • You are solely responsible for damages to rented gear, sails, boards, kites, and fins. 


Mere om vejr


Monday 18 November - 2019

18-00 8°C 2.2 m/s E

Tuesday 19 November - 2019

00-06 8°C 2.0 m/s ENE
06-12 8°C 4.3 m/s SSE
12-18 6°C 4.8 m/s SSE
18-00 9°C 6.2 m/s W

Wednesday 20 November - 2019

00-06 7°C 10.4 m/s WNW
06-12 6°C 4.3 m/s W
12-18 5°C 2.4 m/s SE
18-00 5°C 3.9 m/s ENE

Thursday 21 November - 2019

00-06 6°C 6.7 m/s E
07-13 7°C 4.7 m/s SE
13-19 7°C 5.2 m/s ESE
19-01 8°C 4.3 m/s SE

Friday 22 November - 2019

01-07 8°C 5.1 m/s E
07-13 8°C 3.3 m/s ESE
13-19 8°C 4.3 m/s SE
19-01 7°C 3.5 m/s ESE
Weather forecast from, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK