About Westwind KLITMØLLER

WestWind's team doesn't just consist of the people behind the counter - you're also part of the team! The WestWind team consists of all those who keep WestWind klitmøller Surfcenter alive and successful. You do that by coming back every season and for several times a year. Behind the WestWind Klitmøller surfcentret there's a large group of ardent enthusiasts. It is these windsurfers, kitesurfers, surfers, and S.U.P.s that form the basis of our large team that provides you with the best service and guidance as a beginner and as king of the beach. Every year Westwind generates new surfers which form the basis of the next generation of surfers - and that ensures the survival of our sport for years to come. So come on in and have a chat with our nice staff.
We're looking forward to seeing you at the WestWind Klitmøller surf center! ÆLOHA.

Rasmus Fejerskov

Owner and ardent water dog in just about every discipline. Rasmus has been windsurfing since 1989, surfing since 1998 and S.U.P.-ing since 2006. He started the shop in Klitmøller in 2005, in cooperation with the WestWind chain. Today Rasmus has three kids and is married to Helle Fejerskov, so the next generation of surfers has been secured. 

Victor Rosario

Victor is WestWind's pro surfer! Originally Victor is from the Dominican Republic, but love drew him to Klitmøller where he lives with his girlfriend and their two kids. Among other things, he won the Heavy Agger competition and is one of the best surfers in Denmark, which explains the many sponsor stickers on his surfboards. So come for a professional surf lesson with one of Denmark's best surfers. 

Simon Reeve

Simon is originally from the other side of the North Sea - England - but he's settled in Klitmøller. Like Morten, Simon is a longboarder body and soul and loves the nature in and around Cold Hawaii. When you come to the store, keep a lookout for the only genuinely black-haired surfer, and you'll get a super 'gentleman-like' service. Come and meet Simon at the shop or in the water!

Mere om vejr


Saturday 18 January - 2020

18-00 7°C 11.7 m/s WNW

Sunday 19 January - 2020

00-06 6°C 12.0 m/s NW
06-12 6°C 14.3 m/s NW
12-18 6°C 13.1 m/s NNW
18-00 6°C 8.4 m/s NW

Monday 20 January - 2020

00-06 7°C 8.7 m/s WNW
06-12 6°C 10.0 m/s W
12-18 7°C 8.2 m/s W
18-00 6°C 8.4 m/s WSW

Tuesday 21 January - 2020

00-06 6°C 10.5 m/s WSW
07-13 7°C 12.1 m/s W
13-19 8°C 10.6 m/s WNW
19-01 7°C 12.3 m/s NW

Wednesday 22 January - 2020

01-07 7°C 13.9 m/s WNW
07-13 7°C 11.5 m/s NW
13-19 7°C 9.7 m/s NW
19-01 7°C 6.3 m/s NW
Weather forecast from, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK