WESTWIND Facilities

At Westwind Klitmøller Surfcenter we provide you with the basic facilities necessary for giving you a great vacation and the ultimate water sport adventure.

Free outdoor shower

For a quick rinse after a dip in the ocean :-)

Keep varm in Cold Hawaii

Get warm again in our new surfers' sauna, which gives your day a touch of luxury.

Outdoor hot tub

Spice up your day of surfing or private party with our new and luxurious outdoor hot tub. 

The water is heated with a built-in wood burning stove. 

Our outdoor hot tub is mounted on a trailer which can be placed anywhere with a firm underlay; the beach, the summerhouse or??? 

Contact us for more info via mail or phone +45 97 97 56 56 

Denmark's best surf school

With the best, most well educated, and experienced instructors, your whole family can attend our surf school. Whether you prefer Kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, or SUP - Stand Up Paddle, you're in safe hands with us.

Surfing test center

Westwind Klitmøller is a test center for one of the leading brands, so if you are looking to change your old board or kite, come and test or rent them first at WestWind Klitmøller.

Safe water for swimming - and shallow waters for kids

At the lake Vandet Sø, not far from the Westwind surfcenter, even the youngest kids can go swimming without having to fear undercurrents like those in the North Sea. 

Thy Cablepark- Cold Hawaii Inland

Thy Cablepark is for water dogs of all shapes and sizes. Try out wakeboarding for the first time or go crazy with our cool obsticals.

We're looking forward to your visit. 

Mere om vejr


Saturday 18 January - 2020

18-00 7°C 11.7 m/s WNW

Sunday 19 January - 2020

00-06 6°C 12.0 m/s NW
06-12 6°C 14.3 m/s NW
12-18 6°C 13.1 m/s NNW
18-00 6°C 8.4 m/s NW

Monday 20 January - 2020

00-06 7°C 8.7 m/s WNW
06-12 6°C 10.0 m/s W
12-18 7°C 8.2 m/s W
18-00 6°C 8.4 m/s WSW

Tuesday 21 January - 2020

00-06 6°C 10.5 m/s WSW
07-13 7°C 12.1 m/s W
13-19 8°C 10.6 m/s WNW
19-01 7°C 12.3 m/s NW

Wednesday 22 January - 2020

01-07 7°C 13.9 m/s WNW
07-13 7°C 11.5 m/s NW
13-19 7°C 9.7 m/s NW
19-01 7°C 6.3 m/s NW
Weather forecast from, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK