ISA Surf Instructor Course

Travel around the world and make surfing you livelihood!
Take your instructor education in Cold Hawaii, - Denmark's best surfing area!!
Rasmus Fejerskov is the only guy in Denmark qualified to educate and certify new ISA instructors!
If you can surf in Cold Hawaii - you can surf anywhere ;-)

ISA instructors' course

This course is for those who want to make teaching surfing their livelihood.

LOCATION: This course takes place at the Cold Hawaii surf spots around Klitmøller, Hanstholm, Vorupør, Agger and so on.


This is a hands on course where you, from day 1, take part in lessons and gradually get to take over those parts of the courses that you've mastered. 

After this course, you'll be able to teach on your own and as part of a team. You'll learn how to handle safety issues for both small and large groups in all kinds of weather. You'll also learn basic maintenance and repairs of surfboards and educational equipment.


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Sunday 11 December - 2016

05-06 8°C 5.7 m/s W
06-12 8°C 6.4 m/s WNW
12-18 8°C 8.8 m/s WNW
18-00 7°C 4.5 m/s NNW

Monday 12 December - 2016

00-06 5°C 8.9 m/s NNE
06-12 2°C 3.5 m/s E
12-18 3°C 3.1 m/s SSE
18-00 1°C 2.7 m/s SSE

Tuesday 13 December - 2016

00-06 4°C 4.7 m/s S
06-12 6°C 3.2 m/s S
12-18 6°C 4.1 m/s S
19-01 8°C 2.1 m/s W

Wednesday 14 December - 2016

01-07 5°C 1.7 m/s SE
07-13 5°C 2.8 m/s SE
13-19 6°C 2.3 m/s ESE
19-01 6°C 2.1 m/s SSE

Thursday 15 December - 2016

01-07 6°C 4.5 m/s S
07-13 6°C 4.7 m/s S
13-19 6°C 5.2 m/s S
19-01 6°C 5.0 m/s SSE
Weather forecast from, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK