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Surf School

Denmark's best surf school! A beginners' course with a focus on getting you safely in the water. Our gear and ISA instructor are at your disposal.

Prices from DKK 249,- Surf kursus

Windsurfing S...

We offer windsurfing courses for all levels of experience. Wanna try out surfing for the first time? Are you a beginner or do you need to polish yo...

Prices from DKK 299,- Windsurf kurser

COLD HAWAII - a surfers' paradise at klitmøller

Welcome to Westwind Klitmøller

Westwind Klitmøller is located in the middle of Cold Hawaii, which is situated on the west coast of Jutland in Denmark. Cold Hawaii Klitmøller is famous for being Europe's best windsurfing and kitesurfing spot and for its great surfing and SUP conditions. Right behind the town Klitmøller you'll find National Park Thy, Denmark's first national park, which is a unique nature area that invites great outdoor adventures for all shapes and sizes. You'll also find the lake Vandet Sø about 4km from town. Vandet Sø is ideal for beginners because its waters are very shallow and flat. 

The short distance between the flat waters of Vandet Sø and the roaring waves in the North Sea make Klitmøller a unique water sports paradise, surrounded by Denmark's most beautiful nature area and the best waves for surfing. 

Westwind Klitmøller offers water sports activities and perfect facilities for the whole family: rentals; surf camps; windsurfingkitesurfingsurfing, and SUP courses. All our instructors are Iko or ISA certified and have lots of teaching experience. We offer great deals for individual tourists, families, kids, large groups, or team building for businesses. It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner who wants to try out surfing or an expert; you'll find challenging water sports with us!  

We're looking forward to seeing you at Klitmøller

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Surf school for schools, businesses, and large groups. There's no limit!

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Westwind surf school

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Westwind windsurfing school

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Westwind kitesurfing school

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Monday 14 October - 2019

08-12 10°C 8.3 m/s NW
12-18 12°C 4.0 m/s NW
18-00 12°C 1.5 m/s ENE

Tuesday 15 October - 2019

00-06 10°C 3.0 m/s ESE
06-12 10°C 7.2 m/s ESE
12-18 13°C 5.8 m/s SE
18-00 15°C 2.9 m/s ESE

Wednesday 16 October - 2019

00-06 13°C 1.9 m/s S
06-12 12°C 0.6 m/s W
12-18 13°C 6.1 m/s NW
20-02 12°C 2.5 m/s NW

Thursday 17 October - 2019

02-08 12°C 6.4 m/s SSE
08-14 12°C 6.0 m/s S
14-20 13°C 6.8 m/s S
20-02 13°C 6.3 m/s SSE

Friday 18 October - 2019

02-08 12°C 4.3 m/s SW
08-14 11°C 4.3 m/s SSE
14-20 14°C 5.3 m/s S
20-02 12°C 3.8 m/s SSE
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